Dec 9, 2016 marked the day of 6 months since we left our careers and set out to travel. We have learned a lot about living in 90 square feet, together! I feared I would get bored and be ready for a schedual again by now, but I (Aimee) haven’t. If anything, it has taken this long to become comfortable with and stop feeling guilty for not working. I realize some people scoff at what we are doing, but I now believe it is my right to do this if I am willing to live with less, consume less, and need less, AND do it with out asking anything of others. I have heard of other travelers, van dwellers, gypsies, who have asked for donations and hand outs from other people they meet. It makes me mad, if you want to live this life style, do it of your own accord. That is when it is truly liberating and a sustainable life. 

The following was written when we first set up the blog to summarize a bit of who we are.

Miren – If I can’t get her to get over her fear of writing, there will be a little something here in the future. If not, I guess I get to make up what ever I want :p

Aimee – That’s me on the left (I’ve been writing the blogs this far, hoping for a little input from the family soon). I love the outdoors, the near solitude. Truth is I prefer to share adventures with someone…see person listed above… What do I do? Work to play, and soon (June 9th 2016) that will just be play as that is my last day of work for an undetermined amount of time. Since college I have been working in Law Enforcement, and I am now ready to move on. Travel, explore, experience, and live at a different pace than has been possible. I grew up in Michigan, moved to Los Angeles when I was 27 and spent 9 years there and now am calling the western slope of Colorado home.

Dizzy – I may be 13 but my name says it all. I can hike and rock scramble with my moms, beating them to the top most days. I love to chase rabbits, hike my leg to pee…who says girl dogs shouldn’t do that? Most of all though, I love to put my head in a lap to be pet. I have really soft fur so please, just a couple little rubs and you will be enticed by my soft coat.

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi,

    I’m interested in your bike rack. I’ve looked at the Fiamma’s but they are expensive and not easily bought in the US. Could you let me know make / model? I have a 2008 Roadtrek Sprinter. And would like to mount bikes on back door like yours.

    Enjoy your travels!




    1. Hi Henry,
      I had to order the bike rack from Europe on eBay. I shopped around to find the lowest shipping price. It is the Fiamma Carry-bike 200 DJ Mercedes sprinter. We love it! I don’t know how people put up with hitch racks! 🙂


    2. Oh, and ours is the 2008 sprinter as well, just so you know, I had to cut half the magnet that holds the door open off in order to put the rack in the right spot. It was easily trimmed off with a good sharp knife.


  2. Hi,
    I am converting a Sprinter Van and just bought the same Fiamma Bike Rack for the back door. I am curious how you mounted the rack and how things are working for you.

    Right now I am trying to figure out how to best deal with the Rubber Magnet door stop in order to place the rack properly. I have been considering removing the trim and getting to it from the inside of the door. Cutting it seems to be much simpler. Is that still working out? Also, did you end up screwing the rack mounts into the door in addition to the clamps that are provided?



    1. Hi,
      I used a sharp knife to cut the rubber off the top of the magnet so the rack sits just above it. I did not put the bolts thru the door, and the clamps have been holding it very well. Just make sure to get them very snug. I would post a pic but we are in the middle of nowhere with nearly no service. Let me know if you have any other questions.


  3. Thanks Aimee. So it sounds like you only trimmed the rubber block rather than cut it off entirely (i.e. maybe cut it in half and set the bar) . I will take another look to see if that might work. It looks like you’ve also been on a few dirt roads so the rack has had a good rattling to test its security without drilling.


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